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MADCC has a small fleet of modern K1 and K2 race boats suitable for beginners through to intermediate paddlers, and Lightning kayaks for junior paddlers.

MADCC members actively support and compete in marathon racing in the regional Hasler series and other races, such as the Weaver descent, Conwy ascent, and Liffey descent, with some members occasionally competing at the Nottingham sprint regattas.

MADCC organises the Adelphi NW region Hasler race, held on the Macclesfield canal at Bollington. The Adelphi Hasler race details can be viewed from the link on left side of this page.

MADCC runs a monthly Hare and Hounds race for club paddlers usually on the second Sunday of the month but check the Forum and members Facebook page. This is a great opportunity to practice your forward paddling; juniors, sea, and touring paddlers are welcome.

Details of other NW region and national Hasler races can be found at the Marathon Racing website: Marathon Racing UK